COAST members keeps a vast and varied collection of tropical fish species across many genus. The wealth of experience and knowledge in our ranks is an honor and an opportunity for progeny. Make the most of your opportunities to expand on your hobby and let us all give back to our hobby where we can give.
Membership in COAST is very affordable and provides a network of people who share in the fascination of aquatic life and keeping. Meet new friends and expand your knowledge. Network with fellow hobbyists and professionals.
Membership privileges include participation in the nomination and election process of our Board of Directors as well as an opportunity to become part of the leadership of our organization. In addition, your membership allows for the participation in our auctions of livestock, plants, equipment, and dry goods.
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COAST California Organization of Aquatic Show Tropicals
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*Membership prices are subject to change. No charge for guests up to 3 meetings.

Membership Term: 12 months, starting from the month in which the dues were received. Attend all meetings at no
charge (except where a field trip incurs fees independently of the club.) Only members may sell goods at the club
auctions and pay for goods by check.

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Mail a check (payable to COAST) to:
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Jim Herman, COAST Treasurer
1317 Bradley Court
Glendora, CA 91740

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Commercial Membership50.00 USDAnnual commercial and business Membership
Please print out the membership form and bring it to a monthly meeting.