COAST meetings are held at 2:00PM on the first Sunday of each month at:

Costa Mesa Senior Center
695 W. 19th St. 
Costa Mesa, CA 92637

Guests are always welcome!


We hold monthly meetings on the first Sunday of every month from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Meetings usually include a guest speaker, fellow member, or renowned expert who will give a presentation on a wide range of topics within our tropical fish hobby. Presentations last approximately one hour.

After a short recess, our monthly auction of various member or sponsor supplied items will be offered for bid. Only members may offer items for auction.

Booking a Speaker

We are always looking to add new speakers to our line up of monthly club presentations. We strive to schedule hobby related topics that we haven’t had in the past 12 months or more. If you or someone you know may be of interest, please have a look at our calendar for currently open months, speak with or email, Mark Chen, program chairman.

We do not compensate speakers for their time; their presentations are strictly voluntary. We do compensate for their expenses; such as flight and hotel, if necessary. Our program chairman will make arrangements to meet our budgetary criteria.