Alma Dizon (Endlers)

Alma Jill Dizon will be presenting on Endlers – The little fish with the big personality. She was born and raised in Hawaii. Tap water there was perfect for tropical fish, not even a heater or lamp was needed for the stock she kept in those days. She had a  learning curve, after moving to California, when a former student gifted her with a 29 gallon tank some years ago. The hard alkaline water in Riverside was less than ideal for the Gouramis and Tetras she was gifted, which made husbandry of these fish unsuccessful. After reading an article about Endlers, she realized that they would be perfect for our SoCal water. Alma found that a biologist at UC Riverside had done a post doc with John Endler himself, who collected wild endlers during the 1970’s in Venezuela. Fortune would have that she was able to obtain her first community of comma bar endlers from him, and has now gone on to collect another 10 N class color morphs and many successful breeding projects.


Jun 02 2019


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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