COAST auctions provide a platform for our members to offer their surplus stock and offers the opportunity for the club to raise funds with a portion of the sale proceeds. Auction item donations are greatly appreciated and help pay the overhead costs of our organization.  

How to Buy at Auction

  • A styrofoam box or cooler is often useful to transport any fish you win after you receive them.
  • Arrive by 2:15 pm to preview items up for auction.
  • If you are already a COAST member pick up your yellow member card from the registrar table.
  • Non-members need to join to be assigned a member number and card.
  • When bidding hold your card up so the auctioneer can see you!
  • A runner will bring you items you win with a slip to initial.
  • Check that you got the correct item, check the price, and initial the slip.
  • You pay when the auction is over.
  • Pay by personal check or cash.  We do not accept credit cards.
  • Show your receipt at the door, go home, and enjoy your new fish, plants, and equipment.

How to Sell at Auction

  • You must be a dues-paid COAST member to participate in the auction.
  • You can join the club before the auction begins.
  • Sellers receive 80%, the club 20%.
  • Please do not bring sick, damaged, or illegal fish and plants.
  • Fill out the Auction Form BEFORE you arrive.
  • Number all your bags of fish and other items for sale with your member number, followed by a dash and the item number, starting with 1.
  • Each bag must have a Lot Number (Member and item number), name of plant or fish species, and quantity.
  • Hand in your Auction Form at the registration table.
  • Find a clear spot on an auction table and set them up neatly for ease of viewing.
  • Purchase any items you would like.
  • At the end of the auction, collect your 80% share of the auction price in cash.  Your purchases will be deducted from your sales balance.

Fish and Plant Bagging Tips

  • Use proper fish bags and double bag.
  • Bag adult males separately from females
  • Separate territorial or aggressive fish from each other to
    minimize damage or death.
  • Individual bags can be taped together to be
    sold as pairs or groups.
  • Do not feed fish the night before.
  • Bag fish in clean water with a ratio of 1/3 water to 2/3 air.
  • Please bag fish at home.
  • Label bags with member no., bag no., qty and sex of fish, genus/species
  • Print labels or use a sharpie for bag identification
  • Plants may be single bagged and do not need to be submersed in water.
  • Label as for fish.