Meetings & Directions

Meetings are held at the Costa Mesa Senior Center, 695 W. 19th St.  Costa Mesa, CA 92637.

Meetings are FREE to attend and participate in the auction.  However, after your third visit we do ask that you officially join the club.

Click Here For link to map, directions, and street view.

When: The first Sunday of every month from 2:30 to 5:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Meeting agenda:

  • 2:00   Doors Open
  • 2:30     General announcements & Speaker Presentation Begins
  • 3:30     Auction begins
  • 4:30      Auction usually ends; check-out begins
  • 5:00      Meeting over

2019 Meetings and Speaker Schedule

Meeting Date Time                     Speaker and Topic                      Location
January 6 2PM  Nathan Kilgore, Video Presentation Costa Mesa
February 10 2PM  Nathan Kilgore, Video Presentation Costa Mesa
March 3 2PM

 Mark Chen, Amazon Collecting Trip w/Heiko Bleher Pt. 1

Costa Mesa
April 7 2PM

 Mark Chen, Amazon Collecting Trip w/Heiko Bleher Pt. 2

Costa Mesa
May 5 2PM  Mark Duffill, of the UK, author and genus specialist on Loaches Costa Mesa
June 2 2PM  Speaker Needed! Costa Mesa
July 7 2PM  TBA Costa Mesa
August 4 2PM  TBA Costa Mesa
September 1  2PM  TBA Costa Mesa
October 6  2PM  TBA Costa Mesa
November 3  2PM  Board Elections and Auction Costa Mesa
December 1  2PM  TBA Costa Mesa



Finding and Booking a Speaker

We’re looking for speakers on fish-related topics that we haven’t had in the past 12 months. Check the web site for available months for speakers. Run the proposed topic by one of the club officers. Final approval prior to booking must be obtained from the club President so that no two speakers are booked for the same day.

We do not compensate speakers for their time; their speaking is strictly voluntary. We do compensate for their expenses such as flight and hotel if necessary. It’s ok for the speaker to make their own reservations if they are careful with the cost. It is better to reimburse the speaker at the meeting rather than paying expenses ahead of time. If necessary we may pay prior to the meeting.

If the speaker is willing to stay with a member it will save the club considerable money. It is customary to pick up the speaker from the airport or the morning of the meeting and take them out for a meal. If the speaker is going to a hotel it’s best to book a hotel next to the airport that offers airport pickup and delivery. SNA, LAX, Long Beach or any other airport convenient for you to meet the speaker at is fine. LAX tends to be the cheapest, SNA the most expensive.


Our budget depends on the distance the speaker has to travel to talk to us:

East Coast -- Flight and up to 2 nights hotel if necessary -- Approx budget $800 – must be a special speaker or topic to justify the expense

Midwest -- Flight and 1 night hotel max -- Approx budget $500

West Coast -- Flight and 1 night hotel if necessary -- Approx budget $300 – We have plenty of Cichlid, Betta and Guppy speakers on the West Coast.